Actionable core business insights based on mobility measurements at the point of purchase.

How many sales are we not capturing?

When and where should we act?

How mobility changes are impacting our business?


Where is the potential

Measure and rank in real-time the volume of potential customers around your Points of Purchase.​


Where & when to act

Integrate your sales results to understand conversion rates and growth potential to be captured.


Measure results

Quantify the impact and return on investments of your commercial, marketing and operational actions.

Was mobility something we look deep into it before COVID19

Each point of purchase has a dynamic potential market, defined by many variables, where mobility is among the most relevant.

Measure mobility in real-time to understand the profound effect it has on: Sales, Stock shortages, Pricing, 

Marketing, and Operations. 


Use cases by sector



Understand price impact on conversion rates.

Give your managers insights to improve their operation.

Discover shared traffic among stores.



Make mobility measurements on the spot before committing an expansion.

Prevent stock shortages by feeding alarms with sales models based on accumulated mobility.

Optimize work turns based on mobility peaks insights.



 Invest in marketing OOH knowing the ROMI.

Optimize marketing spending on your OOH campaigns. 

Use the same metrics as your digital campaigns  -reach, frequency, cost per contact - but in the physical world. 


The tool focuses on a macro view of mobility changes in the city. It uses the data obtained by all the installed Urban Satellites to help sales teams diagnose results.

Main Modules:


Mobility Map: How mobility is changing through the city.


Historical data: Review special dates to understand past results.


Exportable reports: Download CSV and Excel files to integrate them into your workflow. 

The tool focuses on a macro and micro view of the POS performance.  It uses the data obtained by Urban Satellites installed at clients’ points of purchase. 


Main Modules:


Opportunity map: When and where are we losing sales. How much we can grow.


Actions: Track the effect that specific actions or campaigns have on conversion rates.

Stock shortage alarm: help your sales force and clients to make orders on time.


API: integrate real-time mobility data with your BI tools.

Citysense ® 2021